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Genesis 3:15
Luke 1:28
Apocalypse 12:1
Luke 2:35
"You watch over the Church for you are its Mother. You watch over each of your Children. From God, you obtain for us all graces that are symbolized by the rays of light which radiate from your open hands, and the only condition that you ask of us is that we approach you with the confidence, the hardiness, and the simplicity of a child. And it is thus that you bring us before your Divine Son."
Pope John Paul II, May 31, 1980, Chapel of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, Paris
"Come to the foot of this altar, pray, entreat, wear the Medal" ... these words spoken by Mary at the time of her three apparitions to Catherine are addressed to all the people of God. Mary, full of grace, welcomes everyone, arms outstretched, radiating the wisdom of "God’s Love." This light, shed abundantly, illuminates each one and bestows the grace to enter with Mary and Catherine into the joy of experiencing God. https://www.cammonline.org
Our Lady to Saint Catherine Labouré, November 27, 1830, Paris
During Our Lady’s third visit to Saint Catherine Labouré on November 27, 1830, rays of light flowed from rings on her fingers that were made of precious stones. However, some of the stones on the ring did not shine. Mary explained:

"These rays symbolize the graces I shed upon those who ask for them. The gems from which rays do not fall are the graces for which souls forget to ask."

Mary then spoke of the medal with these words:

"All who wear it will receive great graces; they should wear it around the neck. Graces will abound for persons who wear it with confidence."

"Behold the Graces I shed upon all those who ask me!"

The medal is simply a visible sign of our inner devotion to Jesus through Mary.
Our Blessed Mother’s first visit to Saint Catherine Labouré with her guardian angel, by Marcel LorAnge
The Miraculous Medal Prayer
O Virgin Mother of God, Mary Immaculate, I unite myself to you under your title of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal.

May this medal be for me a sure sign of your motherly affection and a constant reminder of my devotion to you.

While wearing it, may I be blessed by your loving protection and preserved in the grace of your Son.

Most powerful virgin, Mother of our Savior, keep me close to you every moment of my life so that like you I may live and act according to the teaching and example of Jesus.

Keep me as your faithful child that I may follow your example throughout life and enjoy heaven forever with you. Amen

O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.
Immaculate Mary directs Catherine to have a medal struck
Novena Prayer to
Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal
Immaculate Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus and my mother, I come to you with confidence in your powerful intercession, manifested through your Miraculous Medal. As your loving, trustful child I ask this favor (mention request). Obtain for me as well a pure heart, that my entire life may give glory to God. Amen

O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.
Prayer to Saint Catherine Labouré
Saint Catherine Labouré, you were the chosen confidant of the Blessed Virgin Mary. She revealed to you her desire that her children wear the Miraculous Medal as a mark of their love for her and in honor of her Immaculate Conception.

Intercede for us, that we may follow our heavenly mother’s desires. Ask that we may receive those special graces which flow from her motherly hands like rays of light. Amen
November 27 - Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal and Saint Catherine Labouré
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