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Saint Michael and saint Gabriel were the assistants of the Virgin on this occasion.
They assisted in human corporeal form the mystery, at the moment when the incarnate Word, penetrating with its virtue the virginal chamber, issued forth to the light and gave birth. At the appointed distance they received Him in their hands with incomparable reverence.
In the same manner as a priest exhibits the sacred host to the people for adoration, so these two celestial ministers presented to the divine Mother her glorious and refulgent Son.
The most pure Mother now saw Him and, still remaining in a kneeling position and adoring Him with profound humility and reverence, She received Him in her arms from the hands of the holy angels. And when She saw Him in her arms, She spoke to Him and said:
"My sweetest Love and light of my eyes and being of my soul, Thou hast arrived in good hour into this world as the Sun of justice (Malach. 4, 2), in order to disperse the darkness of sin and death!
True God of the true God, save thy servants and let all flesh see Him, who shall draw upon it salvation (Is. 9, 2).
Receive me thy servant as thy slave and supply my deficiency, in order that I may properly serve Thee.
Make me, my Son, such as Thou desirest me to be in thy service."
All excerpts from The Mystical City of God, Vol II, manifested by Our Lady to Sr. Mary of Jesus (Mary of Agreda)
Then the most prudent Mother turned toward the eternal Father to offer up to Him his Onlybegotten, saying:
"Exalted Creator of all the Universe, here is the altar and the sacrifice acceptable in thy eyes (Malachy 3,4).

From this hour on, O Lord, look upon the human race with mercy; and inasmuch as we have deserved thy anger, it is now time that Thou be appeased in thy Son and mine.

Let thy justice now come to rest, and let thy mercy be exalted; for on this account the Word has clothed itself in the semblance of sinful flesh (Rom. 8, 3), and became a Brother of mortals and sinners (Philip 2,7).

In this title I recognize them as brothers and I intercede for them from my inmost soul.

Thou, Lord, hast made me the Mother of thy Only begotten without my merit, since this dignity is above all merit of a creature; but I owe to men the occasion of this incomparable supreme joy, since by them I am the Mother of the Word made man and Redeemer of them all.

I will not deny them my love, my care and watchfulness for their remedy. Receive, eternal God, my wishes and petitions for that which is according to thy pleasure and good will."
St. Luke 2:14
Holding Him in Her arms She thus served as the altar and the sanctuary, where the ten thousand angels adored in visible human forms their Creator incarnate.
And as the most blessed Trinity assisted in an especial manner at the birth of the Word, heaven was as it were emptied of its inhabitants, for the whole heavenly court had betaken itself to that blessed cave of Bethlehem and was adoring the Creator in his new and pilgrim habit (Phil. 2,7).
And in their concert of praise the holy angels intoned the new canticle: "Gloria in excelsis Deo, et in terra pax hominibus bonae voluntatis" (Luke 2,14).
All excerpts from The Mystical City of God, Vol II, manifested by Our Lady to Sr. Mary of Jesus (Mary of Agreda)
The Nativity by Arthur Hughes;1858; Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Birmingham, UK; https://www.wikipaintings.org
The Nativity by Noel Coypel; (b. Dec. 25, 1628, d. Dec. 24, 1707)
The Adoration of the Christ Child by Carl Marr; Wisconsin Museum of Art; https://danielgerhartz.files.wordpress.com
December 25 - The Nativity of Our Lord
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