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Relevant Catholic Divine Inspirations and Holy Lights
by Saint Gertrude the Great
Hail, most loving little Jesus, sweetest love, far above all created love!
I greet Thee, and in the desires of all Christendom I embrace Thee.
Hail, most charming little Jesus, noble Child of Nazareth,
   full rose of Jericho, blooming flower from Heaven!
Draw our hearts to Thyself and refresh them with Thy sweetness.
Hail, most lovable little Jesus, living Bread of Bethlehem,
   innocent Lamb of Jerusalem, newly-born King of Judea!
Receive us into the number of Thy chosen servants.
Hail, most beautiful little Jesus, watchful Shepherd of the heavenly sheep,
   beloved fellow-Brother of all the children of men,
   delicate flower planted by the Holy Spirit in the virgin heart of Mary,
   bright daybreak rising out of the dark night to the joy of the whole earth!
Drive away from us the darkness of sin.
Glory and praise be to Thee, tender, sweet little Jesus!
From the depths of my heart I pray and adore Thee
   because for the love of me and of all mankind,
   Thou wert willing to lie in the manger and to suffer
   such great poverty and misery.
I thank and adore Thy tender limbs and Thy tender hands and feet,
   and I praise the inexpressible love which didst draw Thou forth
   from the bosom of the Heavenly Father,
   down to a poor and miserable stable.
Glory and praise be to Thee, noble little Jesus!
I greet and praise Thee with the same fervent love
   with which Thy mother loved and praised Thee so intensely.
Glory and praise be to Thee, most beloved little Jesus,
   sweet delight of eternal bliss.
I greet and praise Thee with the same love
   which madst Thou leave Heaven and become a poor Child.
Glory and praise be to Thee, most precious little Jesus,
   joy and honor of Thy Heavenly Father!
I thank Thee through Thine Own sweet Heart
   which Thou hast revealed to the whole world through Thy birth.
I greet Thee over and over again, most beautiful little Jesus,
   sweetest delight of the Fatherís Heart, healer of sick souls.
I offer to Thee my own heart for Thine eternal glory and service.
Jesus, crown, love, joy, bliss of virgins!
Thy love madst Thou the Son of a Virgin.
May Thou be glorified and praised forever. Amen
The Christ Child by Andreas MŁller; 1849 Walters Art Museum; Baltimore, Maryland; https://commons.wikimedia.org/
The sleeping child lies on a sheet of white cloth partially covered by a pink cloth. He is identified by the aureole of light and three stylized rays forming a halo and by the ribbon he holds which is inscribed: [AGN] US DEI ECCE QUI T[OLLIS PECCATA MUNDI: MISERERE NOBIS] (Roman Missal, Communion: 3). He is surrounded by meticulously rendered flora and fauna, laden with Christian symbolism. The rose bushes allude to martyrdom, strawberry plants to perfect righteousness, violets to humility, several stalks of wheat to the human nature of Christ, some daisies to his innocence, the butterfly to the Resurrection, the goldfinch to the Passion, the pair of turtle doves to purity, and the swallow to the Incarnation. This painting replicates a section of an unlocated picture of the Virgin and Saint John accompanied by three angels adoring the Christ Child, which was reproduced as a steel engraving by Wm. Ridgway in a Bible published by James S. Virtue, London, n.d.
Saint Stephen, First Holy Martyr
Help us, by thy prayers, to enter into the spirit of the mystery of the Word made Flesh, now that we are celebrating the Birth of our Saviour. Thou art the faithful guardsman of His Crib; who could better lead us to the Divine Babe, that lies there?

Thou didst bear testimony to His Divinity and Humanity; thou didst preach this Man God. (...) Show this Redeemer to us also, not, indeed, standing in glory at the right hand of his Father, but the sweet and humble Babe, as He now manifests Himself to the world, into which He has just been born, wrapped in swaddling-clothes, and laid in a manger. We, too, wish to bear witness to Him, and to tell how His Birth is one of love and mercy; we wish to show, by our lives, that He has been born in our hearts.

Obtain for us that devotedness to the Divine Infant, which gave thee such courage on the day of trial: we shall have devotedness, if, like thee, we are simple-hearted and fearless in our love of Jesus; for love is stronger than death. May we never forget, that every Christian ought to be ready for martyrdom, simply because he is a Christian. May the life of Christ, which has again begun within us, so grow within us, by our fidelity and our conduct, that we may come, as the Apostle expresses it, to the fulness of Christ (Eph. iv. 13).
Excerpt from St. Stephen, the First Martyr by Dom Prosper Gueranger, 1870
The Martyrdom of St. Stephen by Peter Paul Rubens; 1616-1617; Musťe des Beaux-Arts, Valenciennes, France; https://www.wga.hu
Acts of the Apostles 7:58-59
Opening our Hearts to the Divine Child Jesus on the Feast Day of Saint Stephen
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