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My Lord, My God and My Jesus; I call You in this manner, which must please You the most, as it must have been the way that only Your Most Holy Virgin Mother called You, from when the Angel announced to her the mystery of Your Incarnation, until You exhaled Your last breath on the Cross; and I implore that You incline towards me Your beloved Face so that, prostrating before it, I may invoke these words that emanate from my heart: Beloved Face! Adorable Face!

I see You saddened and sorrowed by the ingratitude of men, who insulted and offended You, spat on You and crowned You with thorns, because You predicated to them the doctrine of love, and You offered Yourself to the Eternal Father for their redemption.

I see You perturbed and stained by the sweat, the blood, the dust and saliva, and by the impulse of my heart, I run, like Veronica ran, to rinse and clean Your Face with the cloth of my prayers and my sparse virtues.

Most Holy Face, may Your image remain impressed, sculpted in my heart for ever, with the end that I will never cease to contemplate and adore You. And You, Omnipotent God, grant me the salvation of my soul, and the grace that I ask of You in this Triduum. Amen
Parting a loaf of bread with Your divine hands, Lord, You distributed it among your disciples saying to them:
"Take and eat. This is my Body."
And in this way the most grandiose miracle was performed by You in the Church. By pronouncing those simple words, Your Face, Lord, was surely illuminated by the stream of the Divine Light, the Light irradiated by the Omnipotent One, in His supernatural joy of seeing Himself glorified by His Son, in an act that only His infinite intelligence could conceive, and that only His Omnipotence was capable of realizing.
What grandiosity and sublimity are discovered in the Sacrament of the Eucharist! And the love, only the love overflowing from Your heart, my Jesus, was the inspiration of that stupendous prodigy that with great yearning You wished to attain.
Lord, I am not worthy; but with only one word, spoken by Your Divine lips, with a single word of pardon, that I implore You to give me, my soul will be purified. Amen
Recite the Our Father prayer three times in honor of the Holy Face

"Show us, Lord, Your Face, and we shall be saved!"

All Omnipotent God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit; by that first act of reparation made by Veronica on the rostrum of our Redeemer, and by all those who receive in contemplation the Holy Face, which we venerate and adore, grant us pardon for our sins, and the joy of contemplating it eternally in all its celestial splendor. Amen
The Last Supper by Juan de Juannes; 1562; Prado Museum, Madrid, Spain; https://en.wikipedia.org
Triduum to the Holy Face - Day One - In the Cenacle
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