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A Prayer of Many Prayers
Dear Father in Heaven, hear my prayer
and turn Your merciful face to those who come
to You in their need.

Send now Your Holy Spirit, to fill my mind, my heart,
my soul, with the words and thoughts I want to express.

Give Him to me again, through Your faithful handmaid, Mary, the blessed Virgin Mother, the Mother of Jesus.

Immaculate Mary, pray with me, and for me,
now and help me to be worthy of your Son.

Bring me now to Jesus.

Through the gifts of your Holy Spouse, the Holy Spirit,
help me to express my belief, my trust, my faith, and
my love, for your Son.

Lord Jesus, I pray in praise, in adoration,
in thanksgiving, that You are with us.

I thank You for my faith, that allows me to know
You exist.

Help me to be more aware of Your Presence,
Your gifts and Your blessings.

Never let me forget that all that I am, and all that I have
comes from You, through Your grace, O Lord.

Praise be Your name!

Help me to better recognize why You came.

Help me, and all Your people to see that Your presence
in the world was our redemption, our salvation.

Your death and resurrection was a preview of ours.

You showed us victory, over death, over the world,
victory over Satan.

Your resurrection promised us eternal life,
if we are willing to take up our cross and follow You.

Lord Jesus, You are the Way, the Lamb of God,
the Prince of Peace, the Good Shepherd, the Divine Healer.

You brought us the sacraments, the new Church,
a new covenant.

Lord help us to recognize it is all Yours;
that our only right choice is You,
and only You and not the world.

Lord Jesus, help us to see that mankind
cannot solve its own problems, just as our own
conscience alone, is not enough to guide us.

Our own capabilities cannot eliminate all the sin,
all the suffering, the pain or the violence in the world,
without You.

Help us to recognize the meaning of Your words,
"without Me, you can do nothing."

Lord Jesus, help me to help Your people;
Your Church, Your priests and bishops,
Your brothers and sisters of all races and creeds.

Help me to help them through the one means
available to me...prayer!

Lord Jesus, give us all a stronger need to pray every day.

Give us an unquenchable thirst for prayer.

Above all, Lord, may Your Spirit give us
a greater gift of humility.

Help us all to realize we do not have the power
to change all the evils in the world.

Only You do!

Give me and all Your people, the humility to truly
understand and follow Your words:

Lord, give us the realization that submission
to Your will, and answers to our needs,
come only through prayer.

Lord Jesus, give us the wisdom to seek You
every day in prayer, and to seek first Your will.
Pray, Love and Trust
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