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Excerpts from The Mystical City of God
Christ, our good Lord, sat at table with the twelve Apostles and some other disciples and asked that they bring Him thinly sliced unleavened bread of the most pure wheat, which He placed over a plate, plus pure wine, of which He took sufficient to prepare the chalice.

Then the Master of Life gave a most gifted speech to His Apostles, and His divine words, which always penetrated into the most intimate recesses of the heart, were like rays alit with the fire of Charity that enveloped and hugged them in its sweet flame. He manifested to them anew mysteries of His divinity and humanity plus the works of the Redemption. He entrusted on them the peace and the union of charity and linked them to that Sacred Mystery He was to perform.
He offered that, loving one another, His Eternal Father would love them as He loved His Son. He gave them the intelligence of both this promise and of how He had chosen them to found the new Church and Law of Grace. He renewed the inner light that they had from the supreme dignity, excellence and prerogatives of His most pure Virgin Mother.
"My Father and eternal God, I confess, praise and magnify in the infinite being of Your incomprehensible divinity, in which I Am the same thing with You and with the Holy Spirit, begotten ab aeterno (for all eternity) by Your understanding as it is figured from Your substance and Your image of Your same individual nature. The work of human Redemption which You gave Me within the same nature that I took from the virginal womb of my Mother, I want to consummate and give the highest perfection and fullness per Thy divine consent. And then I wish to pass from this world to Thy right hand all those You gave Me (John 17, 12), without losing a single one with regards to Our will and ability to provide for their remedies. My delights are to be with the children of men (Proverbs 8, 31) and in My absence they will become orphans and alone if I leave them without My assistance. I want, My Father, to leave them with certain and dependable pledges of My inextinguishable love and the eternal rewards which Thou hast prepared for them. I want to leave them with an unfailing memory of what I have for their sake done and suffered. I want them to find in My merits easy and efficacious remedy from the sin they participated in the disobedience of the first man, and restore copiously the right they lost to eternal happines, for which they were created."
"For the attainment of these most high goals for Thine exaltation and glory I ask, Lord and My Father, the fiat of Thy eternal Will in My Name and the name of all the poor and afflicted children of Adam. And if their faults provoke Thy justice, their misery and need calls on Thy infinite mercy. And with Thy mercy and interpose all of the works of humanity, united with an indissoluble tie to My divinity: the obedience with which I accepted be passive till death, the humility with which I subjected Myself to men and their depraved judgments and the poverty and works of My life, My affronts and Passion, death and the love with which I have accepted everything for Thy Glory, and so that Thou be known and adored by all the creatures capable of Thy Grace and Glory. Thee, Lord and My Father, made me a brother of men, and the head of all the elect who will enjoy Our divinity with Us for ever, so that as children they be heirs with Me of Thy eternal goodness, and as members they participate in the influx of the head I want to communicate to them, according to the love that as a brother I have for them; and I want, when it's My part to do so, to bring them with Me to Thy friendship and participation in which they were formed from the first man, their natural head."

Men being justified through these Sacraments, they will be capable of total participation and love which they can possess with Me in the banishment of their mortal life, and it will be so receiving Me sacramented in their breast by the ineffalable mode with the species of Bread and Wine. In Bread I will leave My Body and in Wine I will leave My Blood. In each one I will be, all of Me, completely, really and truly, even though I avail this mysterious Sacrament of the Eucharist because I give Myself in the form of sustenance, of food, proportioned and measured to the human condition and to the state of the vessels, through which I work these marvels and with whom I will be with in these modes until the end of time.
Upon pronouncement of everything I have related herein, Christ our Good Lord took into His venerable hands the bread which lay upon the plate, and interiorly asked for the permission and consent needed to oblige the Most High that both then and later in the Holy Church, by virtue of the words He would pronouce, that in the Host He become really and truly present for those who would obey Him. He raised His eyes to heaven with the semblance of such majesty that He caused new reverential fear to be felt by the Apostles, the Angels and the very Virgin Mary. He then pronounced the words of consecration over the bread, leaving it transubstantially converted into His true Body, and the consecration of the wine He then pronounced over the chalice, converting it into His true Blood. At the same moment that Christ ended pronouncing His words, the Eternal Father responded: "This is My most beloved Son, in Whom I delight and will delight until the end of the world; and He shall be with men during all their time of their banishment". This same declaration was confirmed also by the person of the Holy Spirit. And the most holy humanity of Christ in the person of the Word made a profound reverence to the divinity in the Sacrament of His Body and Blood. The Virgin Mother from her retreat prostrated to the ground and adored her Sacramented Son with incomparable reverence. Then His Guardian Angels adored Him and with them all the Angels in Heaven, followed by the holy saints with Enoch and Elijah, in His Name, plus the ancient Patriarchs and the Prophets of the natural and written laws.
Excerpts from The Mystical City of God, vol. iii, by Sister Mary of Jesus of Agreda as manifested by Our Lady, translated from Spanish to English by Jan Paul von Wendt
Soul of Christ, be my sanctification.
Body of Christ, be my salvation.
Blood of Christ, fill all my veins.
Water of Christ’s side, wash out my stains.
Passion of Christ, my comfort be.
O good Jesus, listen to me.
In thy wounds I fain would hide.
Ne’er to be parted from Thy side.
Guard me should the foe assail me.
Call me when my life shall fail me.
Bid me come to Thee above,
With Thy saints to sing Thy love
World without end. Amen
Translation by Cardinal John Henry Newman
The Last Supper by Sassetta; 1423; Pinacoteca Nazioinale, Siena, Italy; https://www.wga.hu
The Last Supper, Icon by Simon Ushakov; 1685; The Sergiev Posad State History and Art Museum-Preserve Moscow region, Lavra, Sergiev Posad; https://en.wikipedia.org
One of the fourteen panels of the predella of the altarpiece of Saint Stephen of Granollers. Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain; https://wikimedia.org
Last Supper with Judas leaving the Cenacle by Carl Heinrich Bloch (1834-1890); https://wikimedia.org
Last Supper stain glass window (detail) Saint John resting his head on the shoulder of Christ, Mayer Co.; St. Joseph Catholic Church, Macon, Georgia, U.S.
Institution of the Eucharist at the Last Supper
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