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"Of all the sacred mysteries bequeathed to us by Our Lord as unfailing sources of grace, there is none that can be compared to the Most Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist."
Catechism Council of Trent, Part II
Jesus revealed to Saint Gertrude:
"If you believe that I am offered up to God the Father on the Cross because it was My will to be offered in this manner, believe also and doubt not that every day I desire, with the same love and strength of desire, to be sacrificed for every sinner upon the Altar, as I sacrificed Myself on the Cross for the salvation of the world. Therefore, there is no one, however heavy the weight of sin wherewith he is burdened, who may not hope for pardon if he offers to the Father My sinless life and death, provided he believes that thereby he will obtain the blessed fruit of forgiveness."
77 Graces and Fruits Benefiting those who
devoutly attend the Holy Mass
  1. For our salvation God the Father sends His beloved Son down from Heaven.
  2. By obedience to His Father and by love for us, Jesus Christ humbles Himself by hiding under the species of bread and wine.
  3. The Holy Spirit converts the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.
  4. He even abases Himself to such an extent as to be present in the minutest particle of the Sacred Host.
  5. Jesus Christ thereby renews the mystery of the Incarnation.
  6. He is born anew for us.
  7. In the altar He gives all the proofs of His love for us, which He gave to men during His earthly life.
  8. He renews His dolorous Passion amd makes us participants of its fruits.
  9. Jesus Christ spiritually dies and offers His life.
  10. He offers His Precious Blood to the Eternal Father.
  1. He irrigates our soul with His adorable Blood and purifies it, removing its stains.
  2. A holocaust is offered for us.
  3. If you give tribute to God by this honor in union with Jesus Christ, you repay all the honor that you have beforehand not given Him.
  4. Jesus Christ makes Himself your sacrifice of praise and compensates for the praises that you have not wanted to give to God.
  5. By offering these praises by the Son of God to His celestial Father, you procure more glory than the very Angels can give Him.
  6. Jesus Christ offers Himself for you as a sacrifice of recognition, and He annuls your ingratitude.
  7. All the benefits of the offering of this sacrifice of recognition come from God.
  8. Jesus Christ offers Himself as an expiatory victim and He calms the anger of God.
  9. He pardons venial sins, provided you have the firm purpose of not committing them again.
  10. He compensates for the good that you have omitted.
  1. He repairs your negligences in the accomplishments of good.
  2. He forgives inadvertent sins: those which you ignored or forgot to mention to the confessor.
  3. He is your Sacrifice of satisfaction and He extinguishes in part the debts you have incurred with the Divine Justice.
  4. Attending Holy Mass you expiate more sins than with major penitences, because:
  5. Jesus Christ communicates to you a part of His merits which, on your part you can offer to the celestial Father for your sins.
  6. Jesus Christ pleads with such insistence for you in the Holy Mass as He did on the Cross for His enemies.
  7. His Precious Blood pleads for mercy as many times as the drops He has shed.
  8. His Sacred Wounds implore for our forgiveness.
  9. Through the prayer of Jesus your prayers in the Holy Mass are heard with more pleasure by God the Father.
  10. Your prayers during Holy Mass are more efficacious, because:
  1. Jesus offers to His Father your prayer united with His.
  2. He advocates for your cause and makes your salvation His concern.
  3. All the angels present, pray and ask for you and offer your prayers to their soveriegn Lord.
  4. By the virtue of the Holy Mass, the devil is kept at a distance.
  5. The priest prays most particularly for those present and makes the Holy Sacrifice more healing for them.
  6. By assisting in the Holy Mass, you become converted into spiritual priests and Jesus Christ grants the power to offer the Holy Sacrifice for you and for and others.
  7. The Holy Mass is the most joyful offering you can give to the Most Holy Trinity.
  8. This offering is more precious than Heaven and earth.
  9. It is worth as much as God Himself.
  10. It is the greatest glory of God.
  1. It is the bliss of the Most Holy Trinity.
  2. This noble gift belongs to us because Jesus Christ has given It to us.
  3. The hearing of the Holy Mass is the highest form of adoration, love, honor and reverence to God in the Most Holy Trinity.
  4. By hearing this Holy Mass you render the greatest homage to the Humanity of Jesus Christ.
  5. You honor with dignity the Passion of the Savior and you enrich yourself with its fruits.
  6. You honor the Mother of God.
  7. You honor and overjoy the Angels and Saints much more than with many other prayers.
  8. It is the best means to enrich your soul.
  9. It is the Good work, par excellence.
  10. It is the supreme act of faith that assures you a great recompense.
  1. By prostrating yourselves with devotion and humility before the Sacred Species, you fulfill an act of sublime adoration.
  2. Each time you contemplate, full of faith, the Sacred Host you gain a special recompense in Heaven.
  3. Every time you strike your breast with contrition for your sins, you obtain the remission of many faults.
  4. If you have the disgrace of being in mortal sin and yet hear devoutly the Holy Mass, God will offer you every time, the grace of conversion.
  5. The Holy Mass increases sanctifying grace in you and you obtain many trangible graces.
  6. Assisting in the Holy Mass you feed yourself spiritually with the Body and the Blood of Jesus Christ.
  7. You have the precious grace to be able to contemplate Jesus Christ under the Holy Species.
  8. You receive the blessing of the priest, which God ratifies in Heaven.
  9. By assisting at the Holy Mass you attract also temporal blessings.
  10. It preserves you from many misfortunes.
  1. It give you strength against all temptations.
  2. It makes you deserving of the grace of a Good death.
  3. A Holy Mass heard in honor of the Angels or of the Saints will secure your own protection and your succor, both of which are very powerful.
  4. At the hour of death, the Holy Masses you have heard will be a source of consolation and confidence in the Divine Mercy.
  5. They will accompany you before the just Judge and will ask for grace for you.
  6. A great number of Holy Masses properly heard will alleviate you from the flames of Purgatory, because:
  7. Each one of them diminishes temporal punishment more so than the harshest penance.
  8. Just one devoutly heard Holy Mass during your life will be more beneficial to your soul than a great number of Masses offered for you after your death.
  9. The devotion to the Holy Mass will obtain for you a great glory in Heaven: because
  10. Each Holy Mass that you hear elevates your future rank in Heaven, and increases your eternal beatitude.
  1. You will not find a more efficient means of praying for your friends than by assisting at Holy Mass.
  2. It is a sure means to aptly recompense for the blessings you have received.
  3. The unfortunate, those who suffer, the sick, the dying, are powerfully succored.
  4. We obtain the conversion of sinners.
  5. All the faithful obtain abundant blessings.
  6. The souls in Purgatory are alleviated.
  7. Those in need who do not have the means to offer Holy Masses to be celebrated for their beloved deceased can nevertheless devoutly attend them, and liberate said souls from the fire of Purgatory.
* From "The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass Explained" by Fr. Martin Cochem; 1896; translated from the Spanish edition by José Ciurana Maijó, Imprimatur: Curiæ, die 3 Octobris 1911, + Georgius, Ep. Cur.; J.M. Balzer, Libr. Cens.
Saint Gertrude receiving revelation
The Holy Trinity by Nicolò Semitecolo (Nicoletto); 1370; Museo Diocesano di Padova, Padua, Italy https://commons.wikimedia.org
Mass of Saint John of Matha by Juan Carreño de Miranda Akademie der bildenden Künste, Vienna. This painting is a modello (the final study) for the large altarpiece which is in the Louvre since 1964. https://www.wga.hu
Infant Jesus with Lamb by Bernardino Luini; (1480/82-1532)
The Powerful Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for the Salvation of the World
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